Monthly Goals

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." -Tony Robbins

November 2012 Goals

-Write At Least 50,000 Words For NaNoWriMo 

-Make All Of Eva's Birthday Party Food Homemade

-Do Baby Yoga 3x A Week

-Make These 3 Recipes That I Did Not Last Month:

-Try These Two Recipes:

-Get Down to 130 Pounds

-Finalize Reception Venue For The Wedding

-Get To 50 Google Followers

-Try Not To Have Meat More Than 1x A Day

-Replace One Meal A Day With A Protein Shake

-Take At Least 1 detox Bath A Week

-Write At Least 4 Blogs A Week

-Skip 1 Faturday

-Hold A 1 Minute Plank Every Day

October 2012 Goals
-Do not miss one day of INSANITY!
-Do Baby Yoga 3x a week
-Get down to 135 pounds
-Visit an apple orchard
(Preferably Emma Krumbees)
-Hold a plank for 1 minute straight
-Drink Gotcha Matcha everyday
-Eat 2 Vegan meals a week
-Only drink alcohol 1x 
(At a friends wedding on October 6th)
-Do 25 real pus-ups in one sitting
-Try these 5 recipes:
-Carve Pumpkins
-Make homemade pumpkin seeds
-Take at least 1 detox bath a week

-Do Baby Yoga with Abram 3x a week
-Try these 5 recipes:
-Go on 15 Walks
-Go on 4 Runs with Garrett
-Try the Detox Bath
-Go Hiking in Flandrau State Park with the family
-Drink Gotcha Matcha everyday!
(To help boost my metabolism and give me energy!)
-Lose 5 Pounds 
(Putting me at 140 pounds)
-Do 25 REAL push-ups
(Doesn't have to be all at once!)
-Eat 1 Vegan meal a week
-Research Stretch Mark remedies
-Have ZERO iced-coffees from McDonalds 
(guilty pleasure)


  1. Those McDonalds coffees are MURDER when it comes to calories. I've been using a site called Slimkicker. It's pretty good. Good luck on your goals! You're getting me motivated!

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