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The type of Sponsorships available are:

:Button Swap:
Cost: Free
I'll place your button on my page if you place my button on your page

:Product Review:
Cost: Free
I am always looking to try new things!  If you have a product you think I would enjoy- send it my way!

:1 Month Sponsorship - Button Only:
Cost: $8
Placement of 1 175 x 175 Blog Button for 1 month starting the 1st of the month

:1 Month Sponsorship Button + Guest Post:
Cost: $10
Placement of 175 x 175 button for 1 month plus a post featuring you!  Button will post on the 1st of the month and the guest post will be featured sometime in the first 2 weeks.

:2 Month Sponsorship Button (+Guest Post!):
Cost: $12
Placement of 175 x175 button for 2 months plus a guest post!

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