Friday, September 7, 2012

Email ?'s Answered

I received an email from a woman named Sharon a few day ago- in the email she wanted to know what areas I was trying to work on and if I could post a picture of my problem area/areas. 

I've been meaning to post a photo showing exactly what I hope to change- but I've found myself being a bit bashful about it.  I gave myself a bit of a pep-talk, said 'What the hell' and took the shot that's down there.

I will take a closer photo in a few weeks when I feel more comfortable, but so far- this is what I've got.  I circled some of the stretch marks, love handles and- what I like to call my other "butt".  If you look at the picture you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Still got a tan! (Kind of!)  Oh yeah!
(This is also a PSA to never pierce your belly button.  See that awkward slit above my button?  Yep.  Stupid, stupid, stupid piercing.)
Seriously.  What Kind of SCAR IS THAT? No!!
That's Mama's Belly.  Say hello to the readers, belly!  *Hello!*

So, now you have it- those are the areas I am focusing on.  (It would be nice to see my face slim down a bit too! )

I received another email from a lady named Johanna wondering how I will keep track of my goals.  The answer to that is pretty simple- I have a weekly planner that I write in.  I keep track of each family member's daily info (appointments, school, work, etc.), when bills are due, my blog posting schedule AND then I write down activities I did for that day.  So far, I have done 11 "real" push-ups--plenty of the wussy ones though!  My form is AWFUL!  I have also stayed away from McDonalds Iced Coffee, done Erica's Ab workout twice, done baby yoga and gone on a few walks!

But, I'm having a HELL of a time with stretch mark remedies.  If you know of any- shoot me an email!  I've started pinning a few home remedies- but I'm skeptical.

I'm really hoping to accomplish each goal I set for September!

Have you guys set any goals this month?

*I also want to say thank you for your emails!  Keep them coming!*

Happy Friday and I'll see you guys on Monday!  We'll see if I've lost any weight, what goals I've accomplished *PLUS* I'm going to talk to you about my addiction to Spark and host a giveaway that will give you a shot to win some of your own!
Edit: The second photo was added after the initial post because my sister sent me a text message saying my stomach didn't look bad. (Isn't she so sweet!)  So, I wanted to add another that showed a little more of what bothers me.

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  1. Thank you for adding a second photo... Stillllllllll Abe is brand new don't stress it so much! I'm not saying to.not do something about it because if your not happy with it then of course but second photo is considered and I still stand by my previous statement!!!! It's not that bad!!


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