Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Weigh-In + SPARK WINNER!

Another weekend done and gone-- how was every one's?  Mine was *excellent*  Tons of family fun, physical activity, and cooking!

Saturday we had our friend Tara's little 5 year old over at the house for the day.  Him and Eva had a ton of fun throwing water balloons and enjoying the sunshine.  We will be taking him quite a few Saturdays while his Mama works and I couldn't be more excited about it!  He is a great kid and it's nice for Eva to have someone to play with that is near her age!  

I am proud to tell you guys that I have exceeded my goal in regards to getting in 4 runs with Garrett during the month of September.  Our jogging stroller fits *both* kids (seriously- SCORE!) so-- we can make a family adventure out of it!  We did 3 miles yesterday and I was pooped. 

sweaty- but so worth it!
I did manage to motivate myself into doing a Baby Yoga session after recovering.  It was awesome because Eva grabbed a doll and joined in with me, as well as Garrett!  We moved all of the furniture in our living room so we could all fit comfortably.  It was a great morning!  We also made time for a dance party!  My favorite song right now is Calvin Harris- Feel So Close.. 

What's yours?!

Garrett has been such a huge supporter of me on this journey.  I wouldn't be able to do this without him.  Getting healthy has been bringing us closer.  We both get so excited to share with one another something new that we've learned or something that we think would be fun to try.  It's pretty neat!

Do you work out with your significant other?

Okay with clothes on... Without- Scary MOMster!
As of Sunday night- I had hit my goal weight of 140 pounds!  Woo!  That makes my total weight loss since Abram was born 35 pounds!  
I'm a happy lady- that is *for sure*...

I also know someone else who is about to be a happy lady:


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Congratulations Lacy!  

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Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You were right - I am one happy lady! I'm excited to try Spark and I hope I love it as much as you do! choose a flavor!

  2. Congrats on exceeding your goals!! Wow!!
    I've never heard of Calvin, but listened to that song, and I like it! I don't work out with my SO. :( I wish though!


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