Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going Back to Vegetarianism (?)

Over 3 years ago, I decided to become a vegetarian.  It wasn't because I didn't like the taste of meat (growing up-- Steak medium rare to medium was always my FAVORITE)-- but it was the treatment of the animals that slowly got to me.

A majority of animals are raised for slaughter, fed an unnatural diet, and are pumped with antibiotics.  They live in their own waste.  If you are what you eat-- think about what eating an animal like that means for your body!

Food, Inc. is one of the best food documentaries that I've ever watched:

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I beg you to take the time and watch this documentary.  It isn't shock factor, gore-- but it's very honest and well made.

I started eating meat again before I realized I was pregnant with Abram.  My body was craving it.  And-- your body tells you what it needs, so I gave in.

But, now the pregnancy is over and I'm sorry-- but getting good meat- local, humanely raised, antibiotic free, non-corn fed- is incredibly expensive.

I plan on going back to vegetarianism in the near future.  I've stopped buying meat, minus fish.  (And the occasional German Sausage-- I live in the most German town in Minnesota... Brats and Kraut are a staple and going to be very hard to give up!)  I sometimes feel guilty, because I cook for the household-- so if Momma isn't eating meat, the rest of the family isn't eating meat.  Eva is used to a few non-animal products already (Almond Milk, Daiya, Earth Balance, Boca and Morning Star products)-- but she loves chicken and bacon.  I've tried to explain to her what being a vegetarian is/means and she seems interested.  But, I'm her Mom and she's almost 5.  She wants my approval and ... well, I just don't want to force this on her!

I just wish I didn't have to make this decision!  Why is it so hard to feed animals their natural food?  To raise them in a humane environment?  To not pump them with chemicals?  I don't want my children eating ammonia soaked beef!  Or, eating eggs from a chicken who has never stood up in her entire life-- who lays her eggs in a nest filled with her own feces.

Are any of you vegetarians?  Do any of you live with meat eaters?  How do you find a good balance?


  1. Do you ever think about doing something like eating organic meat once a week or something? That way you can be eating all natural grass fed beef, or whatever your choice may be, but letting yourself afford it occasionally.. I completely respect your choice to go vegetarian! It's just an idea to meet in the middle! I've been thinking about starting something like that..

  2. Oh Mama!
    Bless your heart because I feel the same way about eating meat. I just don't think I could convert my family....thoughts? How do you get your hubby on board?

  3. That's exactly it.. I think it would be a HUGE challenge for myself, let alone getting my husband to be on board with me!

  4. my suggestion?
    search // seek out a farmer in new ulm // courtland // nicollet // st peter // sleepy eye that raises grass-fed beef.
    buy a side of beef, have it processed & keep it in a freezer [or buy a deep-freeze].
    for a few hundred dollars, you will have local, grass-fed beef that you can eat // use for an entire year.
    OR call up schweiss meats [sleepy eye] or schmidts meat market [nicollet] and see if you can order a side or quarter of beef or pork from one of their farmers.
    they will be able to make sausage, burger, steaks, ect ; anything you want.
    *note : not all of the meat that comes from those markets are grass-fed ; but they are from small, local farmers.
    i suggest you make a huge list of questions & keep searching until you have found a farmer // meat market that can give you all the answers.

    [also, i have contacts at both of those meat markets ; so if you have any other questions, email me & we can chat]

  5. I was a vegetarian all last year. And it was that documentary and others like it, that helped me with that decision. It's heartbreaking and despicable the way they're treated. It's just not right, and I don't want to be a part of that!
    But, this year I have gone back, just a little bit. But I only eat free range chicken, and if I ever eat beef, it's organic beef too.
    My hubby and boys had no desire to be a veg with me last year, so it was a little difficult, but it really wasn't too hard at all. I think it's a great idea, and I would love to be vegetarian again!

  6. I am the only vegetarian/vegan at my house. My husband and children are sensitive to my dietary needs. They still eat meat at home occasionally with my husband cooking it, I cook everything else. 90% of what they eat is vegetarian. I have no plans of ever eating meat again. I do eat dairy occasionally but prefer Daiya and Earth Balance. Good luck on your journey.

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