Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Weigh-In + INSANITY! Week 3

Weekends just fly by, don't they?

A few pictures of us at the wedding
Garrett and I attended our friend's wedding- ((Marisarah and Cody)) in our old stomping grounds of Mankato.  I cried during their beautiful ceremony (they were married in the church where Eva was baptized and by the same Pastor!)  They stumbled over their words with such sincerity-- it was truly a breathtaking moment.  The reception was a blast- delicious food and CAKE BALLS!  It was the first time I had seen an assortment of cake balls, as opposed to having a wedding cake.  I wish I would've snapped a picture for you guys- it looked beautiful!  And oh man- it was so easy to just chow down.  Two words- carrot cake.

Marisarah's exceptional taste shined through.  The couple was stunning.  During their dance- wow!  I almost cried again- they added sound clips of each other talking about one another- it was  beautiful.  On a scale of 1-10: the wedding most definitely gets a ten in my book.  Beautiful ceremony, gorgeous bride & groom, tons of originality, delicious food, awesome decorations, great and entertaining DJ-- just a perfect wedding!

I spent Sunday baking, with family (Garrett's brother PJ, our niece Kaidy Jo and Garrett's Dad Phil) hung out for the afternoon.  It was a picture perfect Sunday.  (I also managed to squeeze in 3 movies- Casper, The Time Travelers Wife and District 9.)  Garrett ran a 5k!

Fortunately, I weighed myself and the frivolity didn't hurt my body.  Still sitting between 136 and 137 pounds.

Today we started week 3 of INSANITY!

I'm loving it.  I can feel my body getting stronger.  But, after taking pictures today- I realized my body looks NO DIFFERENT.  That is so damn frustrating!

It's hard not to get discouraged when your stomach is just stretched beyond recognition- slightly resembling a zebra with nude stripes.  But, the hardest journey's are the ones with the biggest rewards, right?  And, though physically it is hard to see a change-- I can feel it in my energy levels and strength.

Garrett is already showing progress!  You can see where his tummy is flattening out and the definition is coming back.  I can only imagine how great he is going to look when I post more photos in 2 weeks! Garrett tells me he feels an increase in strength and that he's noticing he has more stamina when he goes for runs.

So, what are my thoughts thus far on Insanity?

It is hard.  You sweat buckets.  You scream at the TV.  You want to quit.  If you are me- you have to modify certain moves (my upper body strength leaves **much** to be desired!)  But, all of the sudden-- you realize the video is done.

My only issue with the videos is that... they get a bit boring.  Not in the sense of working your ass off-- but the moves are becoming repetitive (and we still have 7 weeks left!)  I bore easily- especially since this whole "working out thing" is somewhat new to me.

Overall- the pros without a doubt outweigh the cons and I would recommend this video to anyone!  Have any of you done Insanity?


  1. Start Using wraps every 3 days the results are incredible !!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm so proud of you for sticking with it!! And it may take awhile to see the physical results, but you WILL. You're doing awesome girlie!!

  3. What kind words Azia! We are so happy you and Garrett were apart of our special day. You forgot to tell everyone that you and Garrett had the opportunity to teach Cody and I how to kiss in front of everyone! haha so cute! And how smoking hot you looked.


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