Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop Information

Every 4th Thursday of the month I'm going to be hosting the *Thankful Thursday* Blog Hop

I think it's really easy to fall victim to taking note of all the things in life that we wish we could change (especially in regards to our bodies!).  We, as humans, have a terrible habit of dwelling on negativity as opposed to seeing things that make our lives a little bit better.

(You know you are guilty!)

So, I decided that it would be *awesome* to write about something I'm thankful for every month!  You know, to give whatever it may be the recognition it deserves.  Then, I thought it would be even better to read about what other people are thankful for as well!

Guess what?  The first Thankful Thursday Blog Hop falls on the USA's Thanksgiving Day!  (It must be fate, right!?)  If you feel like partaking (which I hope you do!)  Add your blog to the list and throw the button below onto your blog!  On Thursday the 22nd, write up your post (include the button below in the post) and hit "publish!"  Come back here and check out the other participants posts and say hello!

Hope to see you guys next Thursday!

*I'm also looking for a co-host for December's Thankful Thursday-- email me if you are interested!


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