Thursday, November 8, 2012

NuNaturals Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the amazing sweetener Stevia.  After that post, I received this box of goodies from NuNaturals:

I have a future post  planned to talk with you guys about PreSweet Tagatose and NuStevia Prebiotic blend, as this was the first time I had ever used these products.  To say I was blown away is a total understatement-- I can't wait to share my experiences with them!  But, for this post-- I'm going to be focusing on their Stevia Liquid.

I received a bottle of Vanilla, Peppermint, Orange and Lemon Stevia Liquid.  I was familiar with the Vanilla Stevia Liquid before my package arrived-- but the other 3 flavors were new to me and I had never tried them before.  The stevia liquid is quite the product!  You can use the liquid in beverages, smoothies, baking-- you  name it!  It's incredibly versatile and packed with flavor!

NuNaturals only uses the best ingredients to add flavor to this healthy sweetener, and it shines through in the taste of the products.  For example, the peppermint used is grown locally in Oregon (where the company is based.)  The mint flavor does not taste artificial, it is full bodied and tastes exactly like a candy cane!  We've been adding it to hot chocolate and to our coffee-- I can't wait to bake holiday cookies with it!  The Vanilla is made with *real* vanilla extract-- no artificial flavoring!  

The Lemon Stevia has been the most used product of the 4 in our house.  We use it to sweeten our Iced Matcha Tea and I love adding it to club soda.  (I am a carbonation queen, but soda is just *not* good for you)  It's incredibly refreshing!  And, it taste like LEMON.  Not like "lemon sweetner."

The Orange Stevia... wow!  Have you ever had the orange chocolate (wrapped in foil-- do you know what I'm talking about?  When you add these drops to hot chocolate-- that's what it tastes like!  It's heavenly, indulgent and without all the fat and calories!  But, my favorite has been adding it to my greek yogurt.

These products have taken my already serious devotion and consumer satisfaction to another level.  And- guess what!?  NuNaturals is going to give 4 of my readers (that's right-- FOUR!) of you the chance to win all 4 (are you seeing the magic number) of the Liquid Stevia products I talked to you guys about!

Enter the giveaway here:  
((You have 16 ways to win!))

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*NuNaturals provided me with the samples listed above, but all opinions expressed here are my own.  


  1. I would LOVE to try the orange and the lemon Stevia--they all sound excellent but those two flavors are my weakness! I may even go out and purchase some today!

  2. I love lemon in my carbonated water. So refreshing! Would love to try the lemon and orange Stevia with carbonated water, sounds amazing!

  3. I would love to the peppermint & vanilla it sounds yummy for the holidays

  4. I really would like to try the orange and vanilla! I have my chocolate protein shakes daily, and wouldn't mind changing it up!

  5. I want to try the mint one - I love peppermint espec in coffee!!

  6. Peppermint stevia would be awesome with hot chocolate!

  7. I love NuNaturals. I use the vanilla all the time! :)

  8. I have never tried liquid Stevia. This would be such an awesome way to try it! Also, I can't wait to read your blog on the other two products they sent you. I am super intrigued.

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  10. I have never tried liquid Stevia. This would be such an awesome way to try it! Also, I can't wait to read your blog on the other two products they sent you. I am super intrigued.
    Totally did not mean to comment anon...


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