Wednesday, November 7, 2012

With Winter Comes Carb Cravings

Minnesota gets cold and dark during the winter months.  "Baby, it's cold outside."  You throw on leggings, leg warmers, chunky sweaters and, flannel shirts. You wear scarves, hats and boots on top of that. It's essentially clothing with optimal belly hinding-ness. You then sip on hot coffee and tea-- all the while indulging in other delicious and high calorie food.  (HOT DISH anyone!?)

It's incredibly hard not to pack on the pounds over the winter months!

Though we have yet to have snow, the lack of sunlight and wet days are already taking their toll on both my motivation and my appetite.

What's a big bellied Mama to do!?*

*I do want to quickly note that this afternoon, my 4 year old (almost 5!) was squishing my belly together with her hands, attempting to squeeze it around her face; whilst giggling over how it felt like jello.  It was not awesome.

Stay motivated!  Stay focused!  And eat smart!  That's really all people can do, right?

Well I've found a few races that are happening in Minnesota this winter-- I'm going to pick TWO 5k's to run.  (Here's to small beginnings!)  This will give me a goal to work towards, something to focus on & motivate me.  Woohoo!

I've also been looking up *healthy* comfort food recipes: like these 9 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes from Shape magazine and 10 Healthy Casserole Recipes from Fitness Magazine.  Hopefully this will help with the comfort food cravings this winter!

Do you have any special recipes that get you through the winter months?  Please share!  


  1. We have tarot tot casserole once a week once it starts getting cold outside. I'd love to see you spin a healthy recipe out of that!

  2. I like to make a Weight Watchers taco soup recipe that I found on Pinterest--it's really good and filling! I'm also on the hunt for healthy soups, casseroles, stews and crockpot recipes so thanks for posting the links above! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for being one of our newest followers! We REALLY appreciate it :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Oh gosh, I chose this month to start a diet and it is extremely hard! All you want is that warm comfort food. Reaching for a salad is that much harder. Love this idea of doing races to help keep us motivated ;)
    xo TJ


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